Quality Transcription, Delivered Faster

Ubiqus On Demand works with the best transcriptionists in the business, but there are times when an audio file needs to be transcribed in hours, not days, or for pennies, not dollars. Automated transcription is the solution.

Also known as machine transcription or automatic speech recognition, automated transcription saves time and money on transcription projects. When you use automated transcription from Ubiqus On Demand, you get a raw transcript that’s more precise than what you’d get from an off-the-shelf speech recognition tool.

How It Works

Why Use Automated Transcription?

Our transcriptionists are terrific at producing optimal work under tight deadlines, particularly when an audio file contains a lot of unfamiliar terms. However, the pressure to quickly deliver high-quality documents keeps growing. As a result, some projects need an even faster solution, a smaller price tag or both.

Machine transcription has filled this void in recent years. They’re not right for some projects, but for projects where the audio is pristine and the words aren’t hard to follow, they can be a big help.

Generic speech recognition tools have become more sophisticated over time, but here’s why the solution from Ubiqus On Demand is the right one to meet your time and budget constraints.

Predictable Pricing

Ubiqus On Demand provides automated transcription for as little as $0.25 per minute. When you upload your files, you can select your preferred options and know what your project will cost.

Transcription in Multiple Languages

Is your audio file in French or Spanish? Not to worry – our machines can transcribe that, too!

You can trust Ubiqus On Demand to speed up multilingual transcription projects as well as standard transcription. Our automated transcription tool has specialized engines for French and Spanish document transcription, and it is continually developing engines for other languages.

Multiple File Formats Accepted

Ubiqus On Demand can transcribe audio in all digital formats.

Multiple Formatting Options

When placing your order, you can choose to receive the final document in a Word or text file, with or without timecoding. No need to transfer the text into your desired format – Ubiqus On Demand will do it for you!

Machine Learning

Our automated transcription tool splits your audio file into smaller segments and then analyzes each segment to distinguish speaker voices, predict upcoming phrases and apply its predictions to subsequent segments. This enables our machines to not only improve transcription accuracy, but also recognize uncommon phrases that are specific to your organization or industry.